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Waste Water

Water consumption in the GCC countries has seen a 23% increase from 2007 and continues to increase. Due to the ever-increasing water demand, treatment of waste water is paramount to preserve this essential resource. In a region where water availability is limited, MIMC has advocated a holistic water management approach for our clients including:

What we offer our client is an integrated waste management approach that includes the following services:

  • efficient water usage and education
  • implementing an integrated water resource management system
  • maximizing the use of additional sources such as - rainwater, saline water, sea water, treated wastewater - waste water reclamation and reuse.

Due to the essential role that water plays in human life sustainment, the production of potable water from rivers, lakes and the underground requires professional application of new solutions and processing systems. MIMC offers a broad range of processes and solutions to ensure the constant supply of safe, potable water. The increasing scarcity of this natural resource poses a threat to the preservation of human species. Our sewage treatment system designs can efficiently turn waste water into resource and give water a second life to be reused in various contexts. MIMC specializes in best practices and advanced technologies to treat water and waste water. Our company relies on our team's indepth knowledge of the processes to turn grey water and black water into resources through careful application of different water treatment systems. Desalination technologies, while expensive, are continuously developing and becoming more cost effective. In some regions desalination may be one of the only sources of available water. The use of desalination can offer a range of broader benefits varying from safeguard against drought to energy generation opportunities (e.g. combined power and desalination plants). Moreover MIMC offers different solutions to meet our clients' needs including study, basic design and engineering construction, rehabilitation and expansion of water intake, water treatment and water distribution facilities.

Our company has a thorough understanding of the processes that must be installed to treat the different kinds of industrial wastewater produced by power plants, steel industries semiconductor factories, automobile factories, food processing industries and so forth. Additionally, our team of experts possesses a long accumulated know how in the field of biological, chemical treatments which enables us to be flexible and meet various requirements.

The skyrocketing demand for clean water will challenge water authorities in big cities to increase the supply of clean water. MIMC assists municipalities and water authorities to face increasing demand to turn waste into resources. By leveraging partnerships with international leaders in the solution and technology that we provide we not only turn waste into resource but supply our clients with clean water that can be reused to produce income through different business models that we set for our clients. MIMC is the perfect ally against waste providing sustainable solutions for the environment. We supply the best available technology and the highest level of service to our clients. Turning waste into resources starts with a simple action. Call or send us an inquiry today!

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By developing industrial and residential projects related to water/waste water treatment MIMC aims at:

  • Turning waste water into clean water for re-use
  • Finding more efficient and sustainable practices to provide clean drinking water to society
  • Advise government authorities and private developers to achieve optimum waste management

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