Middle East Investment and Management Consultancy


We design and develop desalination plants based on our clients’ needs and requirements. We provide flexible financing of different types (BOT, BUO etc). Our company successfully deals with groundwater, brackish water and treated waste water to provide fresh water suitable for human consumption or irrigation.

Benefits of desalination:

  • Highly Reusable: between 15 to 50 % of drinking water by volume of source water. The remainder ends up as waste, and is called “brine”.
  • Energy Conservation: The distribution systems required to pump water across entire states consume enormous amounts of energy and generates air pollution. Strategic placement of desalination plants reduces these energy costs and lessens the environmental impact of water distribution.
  • Drought Relief: During times of severe drought, the water made available through desalination protects against water shortages.
  • Water Use Efficiency for Agriculture: Increased water supply from desalination plants would decrease the need for municipalities to re-route water that is needed for agriculture in times of water shortages.
  • Marine Fauna Protection: Fish habitats are eroded when water from lakes, rivers and ground water is diverted for human use. Increased volumes of water obtained through the desalination of seawater would allow for the restoration of these habitats.
  • Self-Sustainability: For many coastal communities having inadequate local water supply, a desalination plant could reduce dependence on outside sources for their water.
  • Diversification: When cities have diversified sources for water, they are less dependent on one particular source. This allows for greater economic stability.
  • Awareness boost: Create community confidence and self sustainability.