Middle East Investment and Management Consultancy

About Us

About Us

MIMC is a progressive consulting and development firm specializing in the field of project development management and project investment financing

Our Approach

Based in the UAE since 2005, MIMC combines industry-specific, managerial experience and consulting competence with extensive process, technology and regional practice know-how. With our expert experience we are able to advise our clients throughout the entire value chain, from market analysis, strategic project development to process optimization, financing, research and development, construction and project management. We have a strict adherence for quality of services and to the ethical principles of conducting business.

Our Values

Innovative -We capitalize on partnerships with international leading technology providers to supply our clients with cutting edge innovative technology

Our Vision

To be a regional leader in the professional field of Project Development Services and Management Consultancy

Our Mission

We advocate a holistic 360 degree approach to the integration between process and project goals, with a focus on minimizing environmental impacts. MIMC advises government authorities and private developers to achieve optimum waste management and project management. MIMC is committed to raising awareness of the importance of preserving natural resources and finding the best solutions for our clients' environmental challenges


Our strength stands in our long term relationships with partners based on reciprocal loyalty and respect. We thrive to provide customized and attentive service to our clients.


Our passion and dedication has successfully turned waste into resources for our clients and allowed MIMC to find and implement best practices in waste management. Our team of passionate professionals thrives to enhance the human quality of life .


Sustainability is our core principle and the ground on which our company stands. We strive to find eco-friendly solutions for the betterment of the environment in which we live.