Waste Water Treatment

Design of a 1200 m3/day in total decentralized sewage treatment plants (STPs) and associated networks

Client: Fujairah Municipality

Eight STPs have been developed in different locations throughout Fujairah. Membrane Bio-reactor systems were specified with plants equipped with polishing by reverse osmosis. The purpose was to reclaim the treated effluent to be reused for different purposes such as irrigation, industry or district cooling. The STPs were designed to have a tanker receiving facility for the new areas were sewerage networks were not built.

Al Hayl Sewage Treatment Plant (STP):

MIMC oversaw the project for the design, creation and operations of the STPt in Al Hayl. The plant capacity is 1,200 m3/day and it's based on advanced wastewater treatment techniques. For this project our company provided the clients with Membrane Bioreactor Systems specializing in process improvement and energy saving.

Our team not only supervised the project but suggested options to our client to exploit the revenue potential of the reclaimed water for irrigation usage. MIMC's role in the project was to liaise between the client and our partners, delegating authorities, elaborating contractual guidelines, resolve any eventual disputes and supervise the schedule to ensure deadlines are met.

Dibba Sewage Treatment Plants(STP):

MIMC worked with the Municipality to design eight residential sewerage areas including Sewage treatment plants. MIMC team supervised the STP project and is committed to advise the most efficient solution at a lower cost for a sewage treatment plant that is easy to operate and maintain. These results are achieved with a custom made design and development of Dibba's plants versus the standard package plant. Several improvements have been implemented in the plants and their equipment layout for ease of operation, maintenance and a longer service life. "

Industrial STP in Sohar Port (Oman).

MIMC designed and developed an industrial STP facility. Our team managed this ambitious project that turned the port of Sohar into the first zero discharge industrial port in Middle East. This project includes the development study, procurement, design and construction of a MBR pilot plant commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization .The contract scope included the design, construction and operation of this facility.