Renewable Energy

Muntaleq Station
MIMC planned and executed the lighting system, as part of the Heart of Jeddah Master Plan: MIMC secured the commissioning of the lighting system for the station of Jeddah hosting the main lines of transportation in a city that very strategically bridges the city of Madinah and the holy city of Makkah. Energy costs make up the highest percentage of building expenses, our team of expert engineers specializes in finding solutions to decrease energy usage thus saving our clients money and resources while benefiting the environment. A reduced energy usage can be achieved by utilizing renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind which in return will decrease fossil fuels consumption and carbon footprints. MIMC's solution for this extremely ambitious project was to use LED lights for some public areas and the facade lighting of the station. This solution goes hand-in-hand with the general sustainable plan for urban development. With the aim of using renewable resources, our team developed a concept design for the infrastructure incorporating solar panels and solar water heaters. The solution will enable consistent savings and will provide a reliable source of energy that has potential for application that is not limited to the station but extends to streets lighting and other public areas around the station.