Project Management

Project management and coordination of consultants for the master plan fostering a strategic development for the Emirate of Fujairah.

Client: Fujairah Municipality.

Fujairah needs to plan for growth against a backdrop of existing and emerging issues such as regional security, geopolitical pressures and opportunities, high growth, climate change, environmental considerations and employment generation. MIMC’s role has been to lead  and manage Ramboll’s Fujairah-based project team towards developing an innovative, sustainable and implementable Strategic Masterplan for the Emirate. This project includes the development of a comprehensive planning framework and suite of planning based tools, which set out the parameters for growth and development at the regional, urban settlement and rural scales. The aim of Fujairah 2040 is to develop an implementable framework and detailed strategic plan that allows the Fujairah Government to build, navigate and take a proactive role in its own future and respond to emerging issues from a holistic and informed position.This project has seen all directors of Fujairah federal and local departments come together to make Fujairah 2040 Master Plan a success under the expertise and technical supervision of our team of professionals. This challenging multidisciplinary project has been developed in partnership with the Fujairah Government and directly overseen by H.H Shiekh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi.
Our Vision: To develop an innovative and implementable Master Plan that provides robust and flexible direction for the sustainable growth of the Emirate of Fujairah beyond 2040.
The challenge: how to foster growth and development whilst ensuring sustainability is maintained at all time. In perfect accordance with MIMC's values the entire project revolves around idea of sustainability in urban planning. MIMC combined its technical and managerial experience and consulting competence through market analysis, strategic project development and process optimization, financing, research and development, construction and project management.   

Sewage Treatment Plant, Compost Plant and Material Recovery Plant in Fujairah:

As part of the master plan MIMC has overseen the design and implementation of a sewage treatment plant and a material recovery plant in the attempt to turn the Emirate in a leader in sustainable urban growth. MIMC is committed to creating effective yet eco-friendly infrastructures that will boost economic growth in the respect of the environment. MIMC’s role is to manage the relationship with our client and partners. We coordinate the roles and responsibilities of each working team. Mediating between our partners and clients we follow up on the progress of planned, current and updated activities, we assisted to resolve any arising issue and facilitated the communication and correspondence process.

Heart of Jeddah Master Plan:

To accommodate demographic growth and to further develop Jeddah into the perfect gateway between the holy city of Makkah and Madinah the government of Jeddah commissioned a master plan which will be developed during the next 20 years time. MIMC has made its engineering knowledge and expertise available to assist Kaizen and create a partnership to contribute to this iconic project. MIMC played a key role in elaborating a development study for sustainable water and energy management. The development study included the research on possible energy efficient and sustainable solutions for Muntalaq Metro station lighting, overall lighting for the development, water and waste water management. MIMC advised and prepared a study for the incorporation of sustainable and innovative LED lighting design solutions to consistently save on energy cost for the development. Additionally our team oversaw the study and design for the development's waste water treatment, provided engineering consultancy services covering water management. MIMC delivered a flawless design and implementation of a Sewage Treatment Plant based on Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology . The capacity of the plant developed was 12,700 m3/day. MIMC's contribution is never limited to resolving our clients' challenges, generating revenue from waste is our core capability. As a matter of fact, the treated effluent was used for irrigation purposes and to feed a polishing plant using reverse osmosis technology. The polished treated sewage effluent was used for topping up of an iconic ‘dancing’ fountain. A filtration unit was also provided for the recycled water being used for the fountain. The polished water will also be used for District Cooling Plant.