Middle East Investment and Management Consultancy

Our Managing Director

Ms. Razieh Ebrahimi is the founder and managing director of Middle East Investment And Management Consultancy and Group of Companies, established in 2005.

The focus of the group is to assist the municipalities, ministries and government authorities to establish and implement best practices focused on environmental solutions, enabling more sustainable urban growth for its clients. Razieh and MIMC do this by bringing innovative environmental solutions and out of the box thinking to the project development industry.

In doing so, the MIMC group of companies has evolved to currently offer cutting edge engineering services and project development and investment consulting across the middle east and north Africa region. Under Razieh’s leadership, MIMC leverages its long established knowledge of the region and established partnerships with leading manufacturing and environmental solution providers worldwide.

A career based on expertise, integrity and relationship have driven Razieh’s success, solidifying her dedication to promote sustainability are the core strength of the Middle East Investment And Management Consultancy, a company that is committed to make a difference to better the environment we live in. This approach has most recently culminated in the delivery of the UAE’s first approved sustainable master plan, a significant milestone for the country, MIMC and its partners. In addition, MIMC has pioneered turn key solutions in waste management for its government clients guiding these clients at every stage from initial plan to execution and demonstrating that sustainability is profitable.

MIMC has successfully designed and integrated successfully with different government authorities optimum water management for their cities, between the use of water from desalination plants and treated water from waste water to treatment plants. 

This is  symbolized by waste water treatment systems and solid waste plants that are now generating income by selling its treated water and recycled goods to industries, another milestone achievement by MIMC.

From a very young age, Razieh developed a strong work ethic while working for her family’s business and simultaneously completing an MBA from the University of Glamorgan.

Upon completion of her studies, she broadened her international business experience through her role as a financial advisor at prudential Bache international in Geneva before working in a business development  role in the early life of the Dubai international financial centre now one of the world’s leading financial zones.

As an environmental activism education is an integral factor in the success of sustainable solutions. As such, Razieh is passionate about the continuous improvement of education standards and delivery in the Middle East- given her tireless efforts in business and the environment she is already pushing new standards for educational platforms across the region.